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Standard features:
Ideal for cooking a wide variety of foods, including appetizers, pizza, cookies, pretzels, tortillas and open-face sandwiches
Patented MenuSelect® controls allow 5 different preset menu selections - each with individual upper and lower heat settings and cooking time
Digital display
Independent solid state controls for upper and lower heating elements
Reversible conveyor belt direction
Damage-resistant calrod heating elements
Patented cool exterior
Adjustable heat curtains reduce heat loss into the environment
Factory-installed cord and plug
CTX One-Year On-Site Warranty

Available accessories:
Stacking kit - Allows the oven to be stacked up to 3 units high






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Specification Sheet


TCO2114 Mighty Chef™ Basic Specifications

Model Cooking chamber Available Voltages
TCO2114 3" (76mm) high x
14-1/2" (368mm) wide x
22" (559mm) long
208V or 240V (USA & std. export);
230V (European export)

Typical Cook Times *

Pizza, 12" dia., fresh 6:30
Cookies 6:00
Soft pretzels 2:00
Open-face sandwich 3:00
Fresh fish 7:30
Garlic toast 1:30

*  Cook times vary based upon the product and upon the supply voltage. Cook times shown are based on actual tests.


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