Middleby Marshall founded by Joseph Middleby and John Marshall. Developed and Patented first moveable oven. The Model A








Between 1900 and 1915 developed models B, C and D

Model B: Continuous Bake Oven, Separate bake chamber and furnace


Model C: First double oven


Model D: Upgraded insulation, cool to the touch, can be placed on wooden floors


In the 1930’s Middleby developed the Revolving Tray oven.
Maximized space, Even bake, Natural Convection


World War II, turned many manufacturers in “war plants”. In World War II, Middleby was busy building deck ovens for the Armed Forces and for mobile Army bakeries.


Bakeries change from “Mom and Pop” operations to factories
Middleby develops Traveling tray oven in the late 50’s early 60’s
These ovens are further automated with conveyor loading and unloading


Middleby develops the JS220. First price list published February 12, 1979 standard JS220 Gas = $19,922 List. JS220 discontinued in 1980


JS300, (24” wide belt) first stackable unit introduced March 1982
JS350 (32” wide belt) introduced October 1982
These units were the forerunner to the PS360


The JS300/350 were upgraded into the PS310/360 in 1985
Among the many improvements was the capability to remove the conveyor assembly in one piece for ease of cleaning.


The PS555 and PS570 models with Impingement PLUS! are stackable to 4 high. Other brands only stack 3 high. Customer can add capacity using existing gas connection and without changing hood.